Vestims Mattress Helps Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Athletes

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A new study by Grandys et al. (2023) has confirmed that high levels of training can cause endothelial dysfunction in athletes. The endothelium, which is the inner lining of blood vessels, plays a critical role in maintaining cardiovascular health, and damage to this tissue can lead to reduced blood flow and other serious health problems. Endothelial dysfunction is an age related disorder, which occurs prematurely amongst athletes.

However, a promising discovery was made in a 2019 study conducted at the University of Saint Marks and St John in Plymouth, which found that a special type of active mattress can significantly improve endothelial function in athletes. Participants who slept on the Vestims mattress for eight weeks saw a remarkable 197% improvement in their endothelial function, along with enhancements in other health markers such as resting heart rate, blood flow, and muscle mass. The use of the Vestims mattress could potentially become an essential part of an athlete's treatment regimen to improve their health and safety, especially given that it has no known side effects.

It is essential to note that while exercise training is generally accepted as having a positive effect on the vascular system, temporary post-exercise deterioration of endothelial function has been observed in humans and animals. Additionally, chronic vascular dysfunction and decreased endothelial function can result from high levels of training stress. Therefore, athletes must be regularly monitored for training-related variables such as hormonal and biochemical markers to ensure they are not overtraining and at risk of developing endothelial dysfunction.

The finding that the Vestims mattress can improve endothelial function in athletes is a significant breakthrough in sports medicine. Incorporating the use of the mattress into recovery routines may aid in promoting endothelial health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life. However, it is important to emphasize that regular monitoring of training-related variables is still necessary to ensure athletes are not overtraining, and the use of the mattress is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced training program.

Overall, the research by Grandys et al. (2023) highlights the negative impact of high-level training on endothelial function in athletes.

The study by Baker et al. (2019) demonstrates the potential benefits of the Dreamflow Vestims mattress in improving endothelial function in athletes without additional interventions. Both studies can be referred to for further information.

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